Secret aim to kill everything that lives
Power to annihilate and conquer
Living things have no meaning at all
Emperors of death, master of anguish

Epidemic falls
The last instant will toll
Who scream for remorse
You decay more and more

No cure
Please God help me
Killing prevails
No cure, you will die

Confused meaning of disaster
Passed away, issue of manipulation
Rotten oblivion of reincarnation
Disgraced victim of aggression

Secret is sealed

Sickness prevails
Nature´s revenge
I see the truth
After my death


It´s better burn fast than fade and sorrow
Why to waste your only life
It´s my right to pound the smiling poser´s mug
That´s my law of forgiving

Die young - live fast - drink beer
Deliverance - demolition - devotion
Independence - Fall of Adam - But who cares
Moshing - thrashing - slamming - drinking

Suffering of poser is my best religion
Pleasure of killing is their joyful destroy
Moshing is the way to live and give impact
Moshing is the political megrim

Die young