Unadorned plainness falls
When this land will disappear
What a hell they
Could feel
Bleeding for the holy land
They don't know what's the truth
And why the fathers went away
Die for faith with prays
Or be killed to hell
Moans and laments gonna quell
Offerings to the all-wise might
Freedom will never dawn
Press of faith will grow
We tear your soul apart
You have no choice to avoid your death
You're dead and gone
Pull the trigger in the name of god
There's too much hate, this is the end
They can't pretend
Blowing out their washed brains
Who is wrong, fights
Who is right, lies
For your faith, die
Hold your gun
Obey your command
And kill your men…for what
Consciences torment have gone
Face to face with religious wrath
Words are rippling from this bearded radical man
Die a martyr
Sacrifice yourself for the honour
Kill these children
Before you'll have bullet in your heart
When the death calls, awake
Be saved to yearnings after
Chasten your impure soul
And leave your
Life to the ghouls

Music: J. Kelloniemi
Lyrics: T. Karjalainen


In the Depths of Sanity

Falling to the depths of coma
No recalls away from deadly dream
Equipments try to breathe
And keep the body alive
Witchcraft of the physicians
Uncontrolled, ripped, torned, dead
Nothing matters in this unknown world
In this realm of hellish nothingless
Still hope of dawning morning
In the depths of sanity
Euthanasia, salvation
Will be long away
Suffer, my friend
To your very last day
Deathblow, your relief
And your suffering is past
Die, my friend
For your first day in heaven
Instinct seized to receive things around
Wires of life to chain the reality
Blood so black, arteries still alive and bound
Undead and dead, silent, wordless immortality
No salvation

Music: V. Säkkinen
Lyrics: T. Karjalainen/V. Säkkinen


The old esthetic customs wiped away
As the wind scatters the clouds
The new generation is born to stay
To annihilate, to waste, to die
Nobody to rely your deepest reliance
The kings of centuries old and proud
They have to yield from the way of the force
That tortures the resources out of reach
Fighting against insidious things
Infiltrating into innocent circles
Breaking the peaceful alliance
Killing the laugh and song of the birds
So we face the truth of the situation
We've entered the last womb of death
The worst kind of mistake is taking place
We didn't listen the voice of the truth
Everything must die someday, they say
But the immortal won't have to fade away
Do they understand the dimension
Do they see the gates of life behind
Or straight ahead
There was the adoration of the kings
They bowed to the king of a man
Now these kings are not in sight
But they're still there watching you
Now these humans created threats
Causing a new adoration of the kings
Magnificent powers which used to master
Are now humilated and knelt down to dust
Equipment innovating the system
Mental values falling in the sand
Making profit is the object of today
Machines suffocating the cry of agony
The wings crying for twinkling light
Mountains dissolving into liquid
This is the adoration of the kings
This is for the last
Obstruction to chain the nature
No forgiveness, no pity to cast the balance

Music & Lyrics: V. Säkkinen


Pain, pain that feeds
The eagerness to survive
Trashing you like a seismic wave
Misfortune along my side
Disintegrate, your pains away
Separate, the real and fake
Seremony of all Hades
Cheering for your misery
Fucked up your ego, fading away
Crashing you like chin of glass
Invading your fenseless system
Breaking your everyday routine
Corrosion of your life
Here's too many people anyway
What's left, from the mission
Surrounds, boiling blood
Pain, overdose into your mind
Loyal to ruin your way
Locked trends vanished into pieces
Eyes looking without seeing
It's misfortune to stay

Music & Lyrics: V. Säkkinen


Connection to life has been cut off
He's gone, interment awaits
Deathwarrant tells the cold truth
Of the end of the way through life
Morgue with silent friends
Keeps him out of deadly odour
Mutilation of inner organs
The final service to the medical science
One man's dream to refute laws
God has created
Serium of life, eternal breath
And you're never dead
One man's dream to blow life
To a dead candle
Mr. West, the reviver of the chosen ones
Bring them back, back to life
But is that dream or real?
In our dreams life's so short
Demented or genius
Short distance between two extremes
Continuance of your life
Could be in their hands
Don't trust your distress
Is ending in your death
Intelligence wins
The things you never dreamed before
Reviver of chosen ones
Back to life, is that dream
Reviver of chosen ones
Back to life or is that real
This rebirth deliver you
To your own endless hell

Music: J. Kelloniemi
Lyrics: T. Karjalainen


Flashing upon the signs of wisdom
Wisdom of lord's creatures
The mighty source of light warm us
Till the day of doom arrives
Madness prevails in the compartments of mind
Will to expand the power out of limits
Excruciative pressure breaks the shell
The world as we know passes away
But there dwells something immortal
A world without end
Spirits which fly thru the times
In any dimension or element
One world without the end
Peace between flesh and soul
Power to master oneself
Subserviency, humility
Concentrate your strength into
One world without the end
Into a world of yours
Death takes over in the material world
Confusion cracks peoples mind, decision
Cult of thousand sins wastes away
The world doomed to an end
Another different, weird, frightening
World has no end, it works without end
Try to understand, decision is yours
So I'm here to tell you the miracle of life
The last relief, the last point of truth
You've lived your life in this world
Pilgrimage of your soul has come to an end
If you don't accept this commandment
You'll enter into a womb of neverending pain
Access to an ancient heaven is denied
I'll be the echo of your pain, your gain
Hysterical weeping cracks your self-confidence
But you have to face it on your own
Overdose of pain runs thru you, you suffer
It guarantees your peace after your death
What dwells in the deep human conscience
How can it be possible to encourage the pain
If you happened to feel the pain you don't like it
So, is there only the colour of money which matters
But those who relieve in the ultimate life and world
Believe the power of soul, a world without the end
Earthful thoughts be silent... Or die
Struggle your mind as clear as water
Because you have only one earthful life
You'll have to respect the death
Death shall have certain dignity forever
One world without the end
With the strong ego of yours
You'll travel safe thru the times
And find the virginity of a man
And a world without the end
One world without the end

Music & Lyrics: V. Säkkinen


The unsparing hand of justice above
No distortions of humanity
Chilly staring of an overzealous judge
Omen of the beginning end
Jury has decided on your behalf "guilty" the only sound that´s left
Deathlike silence, that´s the end
Kill and be killed
The bullet your mother will buy
To execute the only son
There's no testament or will
Redeem your sin as christ
Pay for your crime with your life
Kill the flesh, cleance the soul
There's no testament or will
Only die without peace
If you don't believe even yourself
You will die in vain
Aimless journey to unknown void
The light departs from rain
Soon it's over, the straybullet´s truth
Inheritance of forefathers
Old secret written to these holy books
You can't talk so as to be heard
And now you know everything
Your duty must be fulfilled
Bowl from chalice of darkness
The feast with no guest to your memory
You're sitting in cell, staring at the wall
Petrified with horror
It's squeezing like a strait jacket
It's your turn to leave
Light of lire
Won´t bless the next day
Time has come
Don't try to hold your tears
Hope is lost
But you still exist
Life's over
There's no world without the end

Music: J. Kelloniemi
Lyrics: T. Karjalainen