Read A.R.G. on palannut -interview @ Inferno (finnish only)
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Update 20.6.11
Thrash-metallin pioneet Ravintola Veijossa @
Update 24.8.11
History of the band now available in english. Several videos from Jalometalli 2011 performance available at YouTube
Update 30.8.11
"Porometallin paluu" haastattelu @ Inferno 6/2011
Update 6.10.11
Old interview from Isten #4 added
Update 18.10.11
Porometalli puree taas @ Miasma 02/2011
Update 5.12.11
Reissues of "Entrance" and "One World without the End" with bonus material out on 22nd of February 2012.
Update 27.12.11
Lyrics to "Aggressive Confessor" 7", "Prevailing Sickness" 7" and "Entrance" added to discography section
Update 31.1.12
"Heathenism in Penitentuary" (demo 1988) and "Pesticide" (demo 1988) streams added to discography section
Update 15.2.12
A.R.G.'s legendary albums “Entrance” & “One World without the End” will be re-released 22.02.2012. Both of these albums are now streamed at for a week between 15.02.2012 - 22.02.2012.
Haastatteluaä sekä Sue 2/2012:ssa sivulla 21.
Update 2.3.12
Interview and review of "Entrance" @, reviews of "Entrance" and "One World Without the End"@ Soundi 2/2012 and Inferno 2/2012 (finnish only)
Update 8.3.12
Review of "One World without the End" @ Imperiumi (finnish only)
Update 15.3.12
Recipe of Porometallipiirakka by Tepa @ Inferno #2/2012, review of "Entrance" @ Keskisuomalainen, reviews of "Entrance" & "One World without the End" @ Kainuun Sanomat
Update 22.3.12
New merchandise available
Update 27.3.12
"Poroja ja pässejä" -kiertueraporttia by Jari Kelloniemi ja Vesa Säkkinen
Update 8.7.12
New merchandise available
Update 16.4.15
New album coming up