Recognize the glance of your death
Choke the creeping pollution of organism
Blameless work, counteraction
Effect like a merciless hammer

Resistance drown under the mortal infection
Inhuman omens are reflected as fear
Insidious process, birth of end
Now rings your last bell


Sneaking attack to filthy blood
Masses of bacteria inside
Medical, scientific salvation
Is to live or die with this fatal end



Evil-boding falls to dark
You even fear your shadow
Depth of malice has became true
In your twisted life

Something in the dark
Experience of terror and fear
Something in the dark
Spirit life encircle your mind

Whispers beyond the sepulchral life
Oppressive rattle, you're dead in your brains
No ray of light which rescue you from the plague
No way out, you must turn on the lights

Eagerness to win your fear
Too many steps too far
On the way to switch on wall
You hear infernal laugh


Growing dark inside me
Suspense of existence
I'm looking for a shape to be
Thing in the mirror isn't real

Seek - lust of flesh
Greed - I found my bliss
Immortality - The Gods gift
Hate - The child of God
Meat - warm and sweet
Scream - Unconscious body
My destiny is bloody

The envoy in wisdom and power
He gave me the might of life
Strength to my bestial desire
Weak's sentence is to die
Moon is my holy commander
Voice inside my head
There's no divine forgiveness
My punishment is to eat their flesh

Return from the distant realm
Hands in blood and face in sweat
Locked in oppressions circle
Death and pain I only met
Nails and fangs, unreal delusion
I'm in labyrinth of magic sphere
Bursting brainwash to kill
His demands fulfilled by perforation

Men with their guns are behind
The night of solution will come
I'm doomed to misantrophy
Or is that an ominous dream
Inner scream isn't silent
When the moon is round
I devote to my dying


Pollution edge to your ass with the wind
Hell of nuclear remnant
Eat your rolls in peace
Death will not comes yet
Fuck fast


Eat your rolls in peace
Death will not comes yet
See your grandchild's deformities
Fuck fast when you still have time


Secret aim to kill everything that lives
Power to annihilate and conquer
Living things have no meaning at all
Emperors of death, master of anguish

Epidemic falls
The last instant will toll
Who scream for remorse
You decay more and more

No cure
Please God help me
Killing prevails
No cure, you will die

Confused meaning of disaster
Passed away, issue of manipulation
Rotten oblivion of reincarnation
Disgraced victim of aggression

Secret is sealed

Sickness prevails
Nature's revenge
I see the truth
After my death


Forced to use touch deeds
Getting away from the pain
Blood bursting evil seeds
Creeping into every vein

Crying from the heart
Tells you the final truth
There's nothing what apart
without ripping your flesh

Rip your flesh
Pain crawls everywhere
Rip your flesh
Pain doesn't care

This disease of humans
Got very famous reputation
Spreading over the nation
Sudden, fast self destruction

Suffer all your life
with the thousands pains
There's no time
It destroys your soul

You live badly
But that's not the point
Disease will proudly
wash you down to hell


Carnal delight, locked in eternal dark
Freedom of body, madness of death
No more trapped under dream of escape
This penitentiary didn't take my breath away

Seeing that mental massacre, my dreams
took the soul of lunacy and run free
The way which I killed the torture of wait
Make my face reflecting like a bloodless paint

I'm no more object of this
I'm part of heathenism
My release is the dying wish
I'm part of meganism

Hundred's of men in common grave
Journey to abyss has reached the end
Sordidness of the christian world
But with me they failed to do it all

Institution of destroyed lives
Drains the writhes of quilt
After my earthly pilgrimage
Now I'm part of this heathenism


In silence you hear those screams of Hades
In darkness you see real light
None will know if they are going nowhere
You're like a drop in a stormy sea

Doctor gave no more soporifics
Overdose of life keeps you asleep
Your mother is a spy from outer space
You are the last child of son of sun

Look through the window
Your world of fairy tales breaks to pieces
They are calling you to their feast
Window is covered with frost
But you fear of having new sign of paranoia

Turn to beast and take my life of vanity
You are playing too long
Secret vices are hidden in the closet
They don't know that you masturbate

Doctrine of transmigration
Star war in forgotten space
Why I'm not God of Jesus
They want some who's wise

Man from neighbor is dead
He run straight to dirk
The ultimate entrance
Eternal termination

Man from neighbor is dead
Enormous hand took him away
On the other side there was none
Lunatic of vault screams "Dead by done"