Sickness will prevail again!

A.R.G. (Aku Raaska Group in the beginning, Ancient Rotten Graveguards later on but these days better known just by the abbreviation) is a thrash metal band founded at Kuusamo, Finland in 1987. The band released two 7" singles, two full length albums, one 12" EP as well as several demos after fading away in mid 90's just to make a comeback in early 2011.

The lineup is as close to the original as possible: Tenho "Tepa" Kareen (also in Gorem) on vocals & bass, Jari Kelloniemi (also in Corpset) on guitars & backing vocals, Vesa Säkkinen (also in Anger Cell) on guitars & backing vocals and Timo Hanhijoki (also in Corpset & Evil-Lÿn) on drums.

NEWS! "Entrance" and "One World without the End" vinyl reissues out now. Available from Hammerheart Records as ultra transparent vinyl limited to 100 copies and transparent red/blue vinyls.